About 3DFINS


3DFINS started in a rustic shed in Western Australia. Designer and founder Courtney Potter's hand made Fin designs were honed in the insane mix of waves the WA coast has to offer. Courtney's artist background and earlier work with Flying Toy designs gave him a different view of what fins could be resulting in what some considered out of this world designs. Dimple technology was different people understood the concept and gave it a go, leading to 3DFINS amazing entry into the Fin world. 3DFINS is now relocated to Burleigh Heads Queensland. The Gold coast with its long points has proven to be perfect for researching and developing new and innovative fin designs. He also experiments with surfboard fin materials, trying to find unique compositions that are more durable and more environmentally friendly.

Working with 3DFINS team of exceptional athletes, Courtney’s prototypes and “secret” fin designs are tested in all kinds of conditions from 1ft beach breaks to 40ft Beasts and Monsta slabs.

As an innovator one of the challenges 3DFINS TM faces is the status quo. Surfing is still conservative when it comes to design compared to other sports. New designs require a lot of testing and proof of concept before the market accepts it, and we are working hard to become recognised as the innovative and market leader in fin design.

This extensive R&D ensures that by the time a set of our fins makes it into your surfboard you can be confident that they are going to blow your mind.